League Rules, 2015-2016 (Intertown Local League)

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                                          INTERTOWN LOCAL LEAGUE RULES 2015-16 SEASON

It was decided that the rules to be used will be OMHA, OHF and HC Rules. This will ensure uniformity.

1. In case of suspensions these rules are to be the minimum.
Any center deciding to increase the suspensions on their own players may do so.

2. Novice to Bantam times will be 50 minutes curfew with a minimum of three
10 minute periods to a maximum of 10-15-15 all stop time periods. At the discretion of the home centre for league play only. *Curfew times must be on all game sheets*

2a. Midget will play 10-10-10 with no curfew.

2b.For Semi and Final Championship Games periods will consist of 10-10-15 for Novice, Atom & PeeWee and 10-15-15 for Bantam and Midget.

3. Regulation OMHA Game Sheets will be used. These game sheets must be filled out completely and carefully to ensure legibility. The white copy will be forward to the league convenor. In the event of a MATCH PENALTY the white copy of the game sheet should go with the referee, if he does not take it the white copy and the match penalty report form must be sent immediately to the OMHA Regional Director and a copy of the game sheet to the league convenor. Any game scheduled within 7 days of the scheduling meeting ARE NOT TO BE RESCHEDULED.

4. There will be a fine of $10.00 per game sheet for any scores not entered on the web site after 7 days. Game sheets must be mailed in by 10 days (as post marked) or the same fine will occur.

5. Scheduling will be done at a league meeting by the centres.

6. There will be no body checking in midget/juvenile.

7. If a player obtains 3 minors (4 min head check = 1 penalty) in a game he/she is automatically out of the game. This rule applies for, Novice through Midget/Juvenile. The player must leave the game immediately and a player on the ice will serve the penalty.

8. Teams can AP a sufficient number of players to bring the team up to 13 for Novice, Atom and PeeWee, 15 for Bantam and Midget.
8a.Teams may only AP a goaltender if they have no goaltender to start the game.

8b. Any player so participating must be indicted on the game sheet as an AP after
their name on the official game sheet shall be considered participation in the game. Except in the case of a substitute goaltender, in which case actual participation shall be specifically noted in the game sheet. Failure to file an affiliated plays list prior to January 15 will result in the team not being allowed to use any affiliated players for that season.

9. If a team fails to show for a scheduled game there will be a $150.00 fine to be paid by the offending centre to the offended centre, except due to weather and proper notification and agreement of the league convenor.

10. Any cancelled or postponed games(s) shall be rescheduled in 14 days (not necessarily played).

11. Referees – refer to the OMHA Manual.

12. No overage players in midget/juvenile will be allowed in the league.

13. In all other divisions for an overage player to play down level the required for must be presented by the centre which will list the reasons for the request. The request form must be signed by the center’s Local League Convneor and the President or Secretary. League play only.

14. Teams must play all scheduled league games in order to qualify for League Semi-Final games.

15. Atom and up to use anchored nets as per Hockey Canada rules.

16. No gate fees for Local League games in Intertown Local League with the exception of championship games.

17. Any player or AP playing for a higher classification team than the electronic roster he/she is roster to, must play at least 50% of the regular season with their rostered team in order to qualify for league playoffs.

18. All ties to de decided by OHF rules.

19. Semi Finals to be completed a minimum of 2 calendar days prior to final days.

20. Semi Finals Games – the first place team will play the fourth place team and the second place team will play the third place team. Host team will be first and second place teams, unless deemed otherwise.

21. Any centre that does not have a team in any said division may not participate in any discussion or vote on anything for that division.

22. Final days will be held on the weekend of the second Saturday in March of
each year. Host for:

               B – Saturday                             A- Sunday
2016             Six Nations                              Burford
2017             Tillsonburg                              Ingersoll
2018             Norwich                                   Port Dover
2019             Langton                                   Delhi
2020             Waterford                                Simcoe

23. For Final and Semi Final games player roster sheets must be handed in prior to the game. If roster sheets are not available suspensions will result as per Rule 8 Section 1 Subsection H.

24. Any team not prepared to play ½ hour prior to championship game start time will be fined $50.00.

25. Semi Final and Finals will have a one 30 second time out per team. Cannot be on the same stoppage of play.

25a. Overtime in Semi Final and Championship games to be 10 minute sudden victory to a maximum of 3 periods. Then if still tied a new game is to be played on first available ice of the host centre or the two centres involved, not prior to 8:00 am.

26. Host Centres for Final Days must have 7-8 hours of continuous ice time. (No breaks)

27. All proposed rule changes must be submitted by Feb 28th in advance of the AGM.

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